29 March 2010

On hold for a while

We are rethinking

We are reconsidering

Mupps didn’t do what we thought it would do

But that doesn’t mean it can’t

So Mupps is on hold untill we know how!



10 October 2009

Yes, 1.1 is there, read all about it!

The 1.1 version of Mupps is in the iTunes appstore. We’re happy!

What does it bring?

For the user there is a new nice and nifty option: ‘Tweet your now playing music’.

What does it do?

Say you’re playing your favourite music on your iPhone and you are playing around with Mupps. You hear a track you want to share with the world. What do you do? Click on the Talk button and select the Tweet-function in Mupps. Choose the play button you see next to the camera icon and Mupps will generate the now playing info and will upload the artwork of the album and generate a link to. Add a message (Listening to .... / What a corcker .... / or something else) and spread the love!

But this is not all.

For the bands that are on Mupps (wanna join the club, let us know at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) some things are better now as well. You only need your iPhone to publish audio, video, text and pics. For example: record a new idea for a song, make a video on tour, take pictures in the studio, whatever info you have, mail it tot Mupps and it will end up in your homescreen. People can listen to your track, watch your video and read your messages. It’s now easier than ever.


Check it out! Download Mupps 1.1 (free in the store!)

20 August 2009

Moke joins Mupps!

Last week we launched and a lot of good feedback we got! Thanx to you all! This week we say welcome to Moke, the Duch top pop group joining Mupps! Read about them, follow Tweets, watch pictures and video’s !

We’re extra happy that they join the day before Lowlands because they’re playing the festival, like Kyteman, Fakkelbrigade, Drive like Maria and Michiel Veenstra are. Mupps will be a Lowlands aggregator in the coming days (Lowlands is the coolest festival we have in the Netherlands). The Mupps team is reporting and in the category MuppsTalk we aggregate all tweets, pictures and videos being posted on Lowlands. Don’t miss a thing, walking around with your iPhone!

And uh ... mail if you wanna be on board as well: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




12 August 2009

Kyteman, Voicst, Fakkelbrigade, Drive like Maria and 3FM dj Michiel Veenstra on board!

Dutch music company Mupps releases its first iPhone app with the top of the Dutch and Belgium music crop: Kyteman, Voicst, Fakkelbrigade, Drive like Maria and 3FM dj Michiel Veenstra.
The app is now available in the app store. Here!

Wanna see what it looks like? Take the video tour!



Mupps will become a platform where artists can make their own iPhone app for an affordable price. Mupps is about publication, communication and aggregation. Every artist has its own section within Mupps where they can publish news and stories (text, audio, video) and talk with fans (Twitter integration is included!). And Mupps is your ideal band monitor as well by aggregating pictures and videos from around the net (Flickr and YouTube).

Within Mupps it’s easy to switch from artist to artist. That way Mupps will become a growing collection of cool bands and acts.  Besides the band info MuppsTalk will supply you with the latest popnews from around the globe.

Mupps believes that mobile media will become the most important publication, communication and sales channel for artists and the like. One on one contact between band and fan.

So are their artists, dj’s, labels, clubs, festivals that want to join the Mupps train? Mail!

The Mupps-team: Erwin Blom (The Crowds), Marcel Kampman, Arjen Douwes (Rebel Technologies), Alfons Hoogervorst (Rebel Technologies), Leonieke Daalder, Alex Slagter (Maslow). And reporting: Job de Wit and Sander Kerkhof.